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Winter is Coming in Beijing


I am getting old, turning 40 years old in the upcoming year. People know that a man at this age will face to health problem sooner or later, and it especially doesn't help maintaining certain bad habits such as smoking or drinking. In order to combat the inevitability of old...

Apple Computers and China Performance Group


Steve Jobs, one of the great minds of our time, has recently passed away. He was much admired for contributing to the world of innovation in technology, music, and style, changing the way most of us live our lives. CPG has not been excluded from this influence, and in fact...

New State of the Art AAC Plant in Tianjin Binhai


The photo shown is of a construction site of a state-of-the-art AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) plant in Tianjin Binhai New District. The plant was jointly sold by Transcontinental and Wehrhahn GmbH, the global market leader in AAC plants. When the plant begins operating in November of this year, it will...

Belgian Ambassador’s Event in Beijing


June 20, 2011 - Mr. Michael and David De Clercq of CPG attended the Belgian Ambassador's Event along with an estimated 250 people making up about half of the Belgian community in Beijing. It was held at the Belgian Embassy in Beijing. The event brought together the Belgian community and...

CPG Birthday Dinner!


Earlier this week, Tuesday June 1st, was our Sourcing Team Leader May's birthday. Here you can see a group of us that went out to dinner together after work to celebrate. We went to a really great Vietnamese Place on Jianguomen St, near the Beijing Friendship Store. Happy Birthday May!


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