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The Chocolate market in China


The Battle of the bonbons Ever since the People’s Republic of China opened up to the world in the 1980s countless foreign companies have taken their business east. Companies quickly acknowledged the opportunities to take benefit of the world’s largest potential supply market. Successes were achieved by many, who saw...

New Chinese visa regulations


The new Chinese visa regulations rolled out on the 1st of July 2013 and are aimed at imposing stricter penalties on foreigners working illegally in China. Thankfully for the rest of us this means that additional visa types have been created which facilitate foreigners in more ways than before. It...

Robotic labor: the future of manufacturing in China?


Yaskawa Electric Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots, recently announced its plans to build the world’s largest robot manufacturing plant in Changzhou located in the Jiansu Province of China. Only a couple decades ago, robots existed only in sci-fi movies and our imaginations. Today, companies like Yaskawa manufacture thousands...

China Invests in Renewable Energy


China has often been attacked for not focusing enough attention on reducing carbon emissions and tackling the problems of record breaking bad quality of air in Beijing. Their current electricity policy is geared towards the improved efficiency of wind power because of the big possibility of large scale development. A report by...

Sourcing Guitar Parts from China


It is quite shocking really when you think about the number of parts needed to make a guitar; almost like one of those flat-pack Ikea desks except the end product is much more fun to play with. Building a guitar is generally quite straightforward (with the right knowhow) at the...

The Steel Industry in China


The Steel Industry in China The steel industry is often considered an indicator of economic progress, because of the critical role played by steel in infrastructural and overall economic development. The Steel industry in China has developed over several decades into the world biggest. China accounted for 70.4% of world steel production...

How to Trademark Your Product in China


How to Trademark Your Product in China Here are ten steps that will explain how to trademark your product in China, so take a look for the step-by-step explanation of the registration process below. 1.    Choose a trademark agent Unless your company has had a business presence in China, you...

Sourcing furniture from China


Sourcing furniture from China The furniture business is what you would call a quiet industry in the business world. You won’t see headlines about furniture on a daily basis, but everyone’s subconsciously talking about it. Everyone uses a piece of furniture on a daily basis, whether it be a chair,...


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