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5 Tips for Making Your Prototype in China


5 Tips for Making Your Prototype in China So you have a great concept and design and now you need a prototype to show and attract investors, test for viability, marketability, etc. China offers great value for prototypes but there are several tips to keep in mind when making your...

China: From Factory Workers to Domestic Buyers


The global economy is yet to recover from the after effects of the perilously deep recession. Europe remains under the grim clutches of a sovereign debt crisis and the USA is facing a fiscal cliff in 2013. Global demand is slowing and for the workshops of Asia, in order to...

How to Control Quality Fade Issues


Quality fade is a supplier’s behavior of progressively degrading the quality of the products to earn more profits. When a factory voluntarily participates in quality fade, disputes may arise between the buyer and the supplier, which can ultimately lead to early termination of agreements. Quality fade is not an unknown...

10 Tips to Minimize Sourcing Issues


China continues to make changes year after year by continually adapting to the international market. Sourcing from China can be a fantastic way to improve your business, but it certainly is not easy. There are countless scenarios where a supplier can end up disappointing a buyer, many of which I...

Tips To Find A Suitable Supplier In China


With the onset of the Internet and its ability to connect people from all over the world, it is becoming easier and easier for you to find a manufacturer for your product. China in particular has become a major beneficiary of this growth. With tools such as Alibaba or Global...

How to Prepare Before a Quality Control Inspection


Performing diligent quality control is one of the most important steps of running a strong a China sourcing program. It is through a wide variety of different inspections (see our full list of available inspections) that you can ensure all three of the key performance requirements of a China purchase:...

New Opportunities for Chinese Suppliers?


Amid an EU debt crisis and slow U.S. recovery, the attention of many Chinese suppliers increasingly is turning towards the emerging economies of Africa and Latin America. This is the main finding of the recent survey "China exporters focus on emerging markets amid EU debt crisis" covering a number of...

Avoiding Delays with Chinese Manufacturers


It’s never easy dealing with delivery delays in your China sourcing project, feeling like you’re stuck in a corner with a factory that insists there is nothing they can do. Dealing with a delay in production with shipping and delivery deadlines can be stressful, and the causes of these delays...


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