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Michael De Clercq
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China Performance Group Publishes List of Top 10 China Sourcing Companies

This is the First Authoritative List of Best China Sourcing Companies

Watchung, NJ: China Performance Group (CPG) recently published an authoritative list of the Top 10 China Sourcing Companies.

CPG’s core mission is to add value to its clients and importers around the world. It chose to publish an authoritative list of China sourcing companies primarily because no such list existed and demand for reliable data was high. Michael De Clercq, CEO of CPG said, “CPG has been in this business for more than 40 years and knows that a short list of qualified suppliers is an important tool for importers. We are happy to share our knowledge with the industry.“

This list was the result of the following:     

– Research and analysis of more than 70 companies
– Identifying key criteria required by importers
– Systematically weighing each category against a well-established standard
– Rating and scoring each company based on their published profile

About China Performance GroupCPG is a China sourcing management and advisory company with offices in New Jersey and Beijing, specializing in the end-to-end management of the China supply chain since 1978.  “The China Sourcing Solution™” is a cost-effective and transparent approach to the particular problem of managing all aspects of the China supply chain from a distance including pricing, quality assurance, and on-time delivery.


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