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Chinese Shipping Lanes


As can be read in the article The 10 Largest Ports of China, China is accounting for more than 1/5 of the world’s 50 biggest ports Furthermore, it states that the biggest harbours are to be found on the East Coast of China. The ships that leave from this part...

Shipment Packaging – What you need to know!


Shipment Packaging – What you need to know! As briefly mentioned in our previous blog, packaging is a very important factor to consider when shipping goods. This is because the different types of shipment packaging will affect the size, weight and fragility of your goods; however wooden packaging is by...

The Advantages of LCL versus FCL When Shipping


LCL, or Less than Container Load, is a shipping service offered by many freight companies as a way of saving money and being more efficient. There are many advantages of LCL but is it really the best choice for you? Let’s look at the key issues when considering using LCL...

The 10 Largest Ports in China


The 10 Largest Ports in China The largest ports in China have grown with China’s exports over the past few decades, with the 10 largest ports in China now among the biggest in the world. Of the world’s 50 biggest ports, China now boasts 12 of them and 5 of...


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