Prototyping Services

Do you have an idea for a product that you would like to develop? With our services, we can help you turn that sketch into a production ready product

Product DEV Intro:

AutoCAD, which stands for Computer Aided Design, is the industry standard for product design, drafting, and development. Originally released as the first program of its kind for personal computers, it remains today the default software for desktop 2D and 3D design. AutoCAD is used in a wide range of industries from home design to civil engineering.

The manufacturing capabilities in China have gotten increasingly more sophisticated and as a result AutoCAD designs are almost universally accepted if not required at factories all over China. With our in house engineers at China Performance Group, we can help you develop CAD designs that you may already have or create them from scratch. We work with you to make sure your idea is made the way you want using the most sophisticated technology available.

Molds and Samples

With business in China you’re not just looking to design your product, but prepare to produce it on a large scale. This means, with a new product idea, the factory will have to make new molds. We work with the factory to make sure that all molds are made according to your specifications. Once completed, your first samples are produced and we have our certified Quality Control experts inspect the product after which we send it to you, the client, for final approval before getting started on full scale production.

Proprietary Information
We understand that in any industry, privacy and the security of your intellectual, as well as physical, property matters. Making sure to protect you idea and designs is a top priority at CPG and should be given its due attention when producing in China. While the low cost advantages of Chinese manufacturing are highly seductive, intellectual property rights protection is still a concern. This, in spite of the Chinese government increasing its efforts to crack down on copyright infringement in order to encourage further foreign investment and production in the country. China Performance Group will go to great lengths to make sure your property is safe. When you employ our services, CPG signs a contract with you promising not to release your product information to anyone. We similarly make sure that every factory with which we conduct business signs a similar privacy agreement. Thus, with CPG, you not only get a high quality product at a competitive price with production in China, but you can also rest assured that your product remains yours.

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