Cost of the China Sourcing Solution

Everyone who sources from China wants their own team with feet on the ground to help them—their own staff—reliable, focused, professional, dedicated, loyal. That is what we offer.

CPG’s sourcing teams deliver a range of services tailored to the unique needs of each client so that each ends up with the right-size team. You will be amazed and delighted by the results, we guarantee it.

CPG does not work on commissions or mark-up the products. We offer a transparent “pay as you go” approach, similar to hiring your own employees, but easier.  It is based on ongoing satisfaction and invoiced monthly.

Sustained Support: The Sourcing Packages

Starter Packages: $960 – $4,000
These are sufficient to manage a small sourcing program or part of a larger one, they are big enough to explore China’s potential as a source for your products, and/or evaluate areas for improvements.

  • Starter 1: $960 (12 hours)
  • Starter 2: $1,500 (20 hours)
  • Starter 3: $2,800 (40 hours)
  • Starter 4: $4,000 (60 hours)

Professional: 80 hours for $5,000
Great to handle a moderate size sourcing program

Business: 160 hours for $9,600
The most economical and scalable package for medium to large programs

*Note: All sourcing packages are invoiced monthly and only require a three-month commitment. 

Flexible Support

Not everyone who buys direct from China needs sustained month-to-month support.

Some buyers need professional assistance in smaller doses, often for a finite sourcing mission. Others may need to get a larger project done, such as market research, factory audits, raw material analysis, or product development. In both cases, the projects are non-routine, non-repetitive. We provide resources for those too.

Such projects require an experienced team that will proceed efficiently and ensure success from beginning to end.  CPG has two products to address this type of need:

– On-demand Resources: 15 hours for $1,500.
A small bundle of resources that can be put to use for any activity for up to six months.

– Bigger Projects: For a non-routine, larger, well-defined project that has a clear endpoint.  You tell us what you need, we provide the solution.  You define what you seek and we will let you know what it will take in terms of time and investment to get the project done. If we take on the job, we guarantee the outcome.

All CPG support provides access to the same range and quality of services. See the China Sourcing Solution for more information.

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