Establishing your China supply chain is just the beginning for many importers. Managing your China sourcing is all about sustainability. In order to succeed in China, your China sourcing must be scalable and repeatable.  How do you achieve that? Let’s break it down:

Managing China Sourcing

At CPG, we use what we like to call the “Proven Process” to manage the China supply chain. It all hinges on having a sourcing team that is experienced, professional, and works to protect your interests. You, the buyer, communicates your goals and missions to your sourcing team, and they use the Proven Process to execute on them.

Examples of some of the ways your team works to carry out your objectives are shown in the chart below:

  • Your sourcing team communicates with your factories to coordinate sampling, come up with new products and ideas, perform research and audits, and help you with any travel accommodations.
  • Your sourcing team helps you negotiate contracts and to ensure best pricing and that quality meets your standards.

“Our Proven Process” Controlling the China segment of the supply chain is what most buyers want to do. How to do it is the issue. To control a factory that is on the other side of the world is hard. To do so when culture and language are different is even harder. CPG has a Proven Process that allows the buyer to control his supply chain through a dedicated China team. The buyer manages the team, the team manages the process. We call this a “proven” process because it has proven itself numerous times over a span of decades



SWOT Analysis

To ensure you’re managing your China sourcing effectively, you will want to perform a SWOT analysis on your China supply chain at least once every quarter to evaluate your sourcing team and your goals: Have you completed the mission for this quarter? If not, what went wrong?

You’ll want to take an objective look at what you did right what you could’ve done better, and then take action to improve any weaknesses.



An effective supply chain has a vision. To stay on track, you must track your progress carefully as you and your sourcing team work towards any given goal.

Set clear and realistic goals for next year, the next 5 years, and the next 10 years. Doing so will make it much easier for you to establish what will need to get done THIS YEAR to get your China supply chain where it needs to be NEXT YEAR.

China sourcing is about constant improvement, and measuring the benefits and failures of that improvement carefully.

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