What are China sourcing services?

China sourcing services encompass any service that helps a company perform better in its efforts to secure products from China. Such services include, but are not limited to:

  • Securing good samples
  • Finding qualified factories
  • Auditing performance
  • Developing quality packaging
  • Prototyping new products
  • Preparing China trips
  • Accompanying buyers during their China visits
  • Ensuring quality throughout the sourcing process
  • Arranging timely deliveries


What China sourcing services do we provide?

CPG provides all of the services list above and more.  For a more comprehensive list of our services you can visit our Services page and/or our China Sourcing Solution page.

How do we provide services?

CPG’s unique approach is to offer a team of specialists calibrated to deliver just the right amount of resources to our clients in a flexible approach tailored to their needs. To learn more, see our Inside Team.

How do I know if China sourcing services are valuable?

Simply put, China sourcing services are valuable if they deliver more, at a lower cost, than what one can do for oneself. One way that experienced businesses evaluate their return on investments in China sourcing services is by measuring input and output.  One way to do this is by asking the following questions:

  • Input:
    • How much time do I need to invest to get the results I seek?
    • How much is my time, or that of my existing team, worth?
    • Do I need to travel to China to achieve the results I seek?
    • If so, how often, and how much does that travel cost in both time and money?
    • How much would it cost to have specialists help me with my objectives?
  • Output:
    • How good are the results I am getting?
    • Do my efforts get me better pricing?
    • Do my efforts get me better quality or new product ideas?
    • Do my efforts make my supply chain more reliable and predictable?
    • Do my efforts make me more effective compared to my competition?
    • Am I getting a good return on my investment?

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