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“Made In China” – Quality & Perception when China Sourcing


In August 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported on a “$30 million Glass Pavilion [built as] a symbol of America’s ‘Glass City’” in 2006 in Toledo, Ohio. However, this monument, meant to celebrate the city’s great manufacturing past of quality glass, actually was built using glass sourced from China. The...

Maximizing Your Shipping Success: Tips for Dealing with US Customs When Sourcing from China


If you are new to China direct buying or your supply chain management in China is new, it can be easy to overlook US customs. When you have good communication with your manufacturer, unexpected issues—such as your items have been refused entry or the customs tax on this container of...

The 2 Rules Importers Should Know About Politics and China Sourcing


“China Hating” is a popular thing to do in politics.  It gets votes for Democrats and Republicans alike.  It also affects companies that import from China.  So much so that many are becoming concerned and wondering about the future of their supply chain.    Should importers stop buying from China because...

Sourcing From China in 2023? A Sourcing Expert Explains 3 Things Every Importer Should Know About Buying Direct From China Post-Zero-Covid


For those involved with global sourcing, we trust you experienced three unusual years since Covid broke out at the end of 2019. If you have been sourcing high volumes of “Made in China” goods, do you trust China more or less given the challenges that emerged alongside Covid?  From our...

The effect of power shortages in China


The Chinese government published a national policy in September 2021 to limit the usage of electricity in high energy consumption industries, such as cement, metal raw material, and textile. Why has this happened? How can importers offset delays in production due to power shortages? The main reasons are as follows...

Sourcing Masks From China: Certifications, Customs & Lead Times


By now, the need to wear a mask might seem like old news. However, as wearing a mask is part of our "new normal," it might be easy to forget the importance of using a good quality and the right kind of mask, especially in high-risk environments. The Market Sourcing...

Shipment Packaging – What you need to know!


Shipment Packaging – What you need to know! As briefly mentioned in our previous blog, packaging is a very important factor to consider when shipping goods. This is because the different types of shipment packaging will affect the size, weight and fragility of your goods; however wooden packaging is by...

ECE Certification


ECE Certification History of ECE Certification The regulations of United Nations Economic Commission of Europe (commonly referred to as ECE) have been a standardization method in Europe since the 1950s. With globalization, more countries have adopted these regulations because of the increased awareness of the benefits of unified regulations. Initially, Europe,...


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