Industrial Products

The machinery manufacturing and industrial parts industries in China have reached a point of being nearly fully saturated with a multitude of small and medium sized enterprises populating the field, with no single or small group of enterprises dominating the field. This has continued to ensure strong competition and reliable prices over time. It is also considered among one of the country’s pillar, mainstay industries, playing a central role in contributing to the growth of the national economy. There are nearly 50,000 companies currently involved in this field, and the growth shows no sign of slowing. This will particularly be the case as China continues its recent trend towards high-value added manufacturing, rather than the low quality, low-value added products such as novelty items and textiles that it has become known for. The growth will continue to contribute to an ever competitive environment, helping to ensure better and more consistent quality.

The four sub-sectors making up the industrial parts and machinery industry are:  general petrochemical machinery, agricultural machinery, scientific monitoring equipment, and machinery parts. These four sectors make up the majority of the output of the overall industry with 69% of total output and a value of more than RMB 100 billion.

Here are some of the Industrial Products that we are experienced in:


  • Concrete Products Machinery
  • Molds
  • Machinery parts-Casts: stamped and machined
  • Industrial Washing Machines
  • Motorized Rollers
  • Textile machines

Industrial Parts

  • Cast, forged, and fabricated parts
  • High Voltage Insulators
  • Boiler parts and accessories
  • Steel and aluminum tubes and pipes
  • Precision valves
  • Grinding rolls

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