Automotive Parts

The Automotive Parts manufacturing industry in China has been a major area of growth in China. The total sales of Chinese automotive parts manufacturing reached over RMB 628 billion (over US $95 billion), with a year-by-year increase of 60.55% in sales and profits increasing by over 133%.

A large driver of growth in the industry has been a growing domestic demand in the auto industry. State officials of repeatedly emphasized a focus of environmental and economic policies focused on encouraging future growth in the auto and automotive parts industries. According to statics from the Department of China Customs, the total export value of Chinese automotive parts from January to September of 2010 achieved US $26 billion , with a year-by-year increase of 3.2%. These exports were mainly comprised of 8 categories of automotive parts: engine and engine components, internal braking systems, electronic components, drive systems, transmission systems, car accessories, and steering systems.

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