Car Dealer Signage

Car dealerships digital signage is a visual communication tool that, when used correctly, can help increase your end result. Today, car dealerships are using digital signage as a marketing tool to focus on their brand, spotlight current sales, and upsell service packages. Car dealership digital signage can help you stand out in today’s market.

Car dealer signage is not exactly new, but it has gone a long way in terms of ease of use, overall manageability, and simplicity, or just how effective it can be used as a customer and sales service tool.

How cost-effective is digital signage?

On average, auto dealers spend approximately $600 advertising each new vehicle in their lot. For auto dealers, advertising is the third-highest expensed after payroll and rent. When compared to the traditional medium of advertising, digital signage is far more cost-effective per CPM or ad impression. Today, several auto dealers have discovered that digital signage is such a useful marketing tool that they are willing to reduce their overall advertising budget.

How effective is digital signage in your showroom?

First impressions are very important in engaging new customers, and digital signage provides an effective way to welcome them. For instance, if your new customers are greeted with a digital display, give them the history and story of the dealership in an entertaining way, they will most like feel more engaged and trust your brand.

In some showrooms, you can have a short commercial and other media promoting the attributes and features of a new vehicle playing right beside the latest cars on stands and kiosks. You can also use the digital showroom to promote organizations or local events. Today, several customers want to support companies that care about their communities and them.

Digital signage in the fixed operations areas

You are missing out if you don’t have digital signage in your fixed operations areas. This department plays a significant role in any car dealer signage. According to research, entertaining your customers while they wait for their cars could significantly reduce perceived wait time by as much as 45 percent.

Digital signage in the fixed operation areas is a great way to make sure none of your service packages, staff introductions, or content goes unnoticed. Optimal areas in fixed operation areas include the service counter and waiting area.

Strengthen brand loyalty

Every car dealer works very hard to win every customer that steps into their building. If they are successful and those customers return, each of the visits is another opportunity to remind them of the benefits of working with your dealership and prepare them for the next purchase. It could be a video showing off key features of the latest model cars or photos of you donating to a local hospital; this action can reinforce brand loyalty.

It is never too late to innovate, and with digital signage, it is much easier. If you are ready to boost your brand and engage your customers, contact us at ABN, we have the solution you need to create an immersive in-store experience that can effectively engage your customers.

Car Dealer Signage

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